Bees For Sale

We sell our 5 frame nucleus starter colonies on British Standard National DN4 or DN5 frames. They are supplied in a disposable correx hive. They will have a laying queen with eggs, open and capped brood over at least three frames and at least one frame of food. 

We are now taking orders for nucleus colonies. A £50 deposit will reserve your nuc.  Colonies are available for collection only and we will offer a couple of collection dates as the time approaches. The timings will be early to mid-morning, from mid-April for 2020 overwintered colonies and May-June for 2021 spring colonies. Please be aware that the deposit can be paid online with remainder of the balance to be paid on collection of the colony.

 Colonies will have been sealed before first light and cannot be inspected on collection day as this will result in the loss of forager bees. We do however offer a one week returns window if  you are for any reason unhappy with your bees. Please note that we cannot refund deposits.


Five frame Starter Colonies

Mated & Virgin Queens

Correx Nuc Box for collection

UK Reared Queens

Raised from colonies matching stringent selection criteria.

Local & Artisan

Locally foraged by our bees and packaged by our own hands.

Pure & Natural

100% pure or flavoured using only natural ingredients.

Correx Nuc Box

Our Nucleus Colonies will be ready for you to collect in a light weight Correx Nuc as supplied by Bee-Equipment